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Green Coffee
Green Coffee
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Green Coffee

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Green, or unroasted, coffee beans can produce a substantial decrease in body weight in a relatively short period of time!

PureNatures Pure Green Coffee contains 50% chlorogenic acid to ensure maximum results.

Ingredients Per Capsule: Pure Green Coffee Extract 20:1 equivalent to 5000mg of Whole Coffee Bean. HPMC Vegetarian Capsule Shell. Other Ingredients: Silicon Dioxide and Magnesium Stearate.

Directions: Take 1 capsule 3 times a day with meals. Always drink plenty of water to ensure you remain hydrated.

Do not exceed the recommended amount

  • Do not take if pregnant of breast feeding (lactating)
  • Not intended for use by persons under 18 years of age
  • Do not take supplements as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet
  • Consult your GP before taking food supplements if you are taking any medication or have an existing medical problem
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Store in a cool, dry place.

Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. For a diagnosis or treatment always consult your own GP.

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Customer Reviews

By Beanpole33 on 2nd June 2016

Absolutely love these and i have been recommending them to all who will listen! i dropped 3 stone in 2 months and i look and feel fab! im super pleased! Thanks Absolutely love these and i trecommenf=d

By Kiwi.88 on 19th April 2016

Well what can I say this product was recommended to me by a friend who had used it for weight loss.. I must admit I was extremely sceptical as I have read so many stores on the internet though how wrong was I!! 3 months on and I have lost 2 stone.. yes 2 stone! I still eat well, I don't feel hungry and I don't eat things I don't like, I don't feel the need to starve myself either. Don't get me wrong there is no such thing as a miracle pill, I'm no fool, you do need to change your eating and exercise habits but if it means you will achieve what I have isn't it? Enjoy!

By Keesha0908 on 14th March 2016

For me these tablets work I have lost altogether 14 kilos, I now take just one a day to maintain my weight loss. Am a very happy lady. You still have to watch what you eat no pills will help if you don't change your diet.

By Mrs Owen on 18th August 2015

...keeps the fat at bay! I love my green coffee, taking 3 each day really does help to keep my fat levels down. I do eat a very healthy diet too but its only since I began using this that I really started to notice a difference in my shape. I highly recommend it.

By Nathaniel on 15th June 2015

This green coffee bean has been working well for me. They have been assisting me in losing weight. I haven't been overeating since I started taking them as I am not hungry like before. They have been great for me so far and I hope to keep seeing the benefits from taking it.

By Phoebe on 12th April 2015

This is pretty good, I think it is helping me burn fat. Its early days for me so I don't really know what kind of results I will see but I am hopeful that they will be good.

By M.Kirwin on 11th February 2015

I am happy with my green coffee supplement. What attracted me to it was the quality of the ingredients and the fact that there are no nasty fillers, it is as pure as you can get. The price reflects this as it is not the cheapest on the market but sometimes it is true that the cheaper the price the cheaper the quality of the product but at the same time I don't feel you need to pay top prices for decent quality. I think this is mid-range with regards to cost but top of the range in terms of quality.

By Jolene on 7th December 2014

I use this green coffee whenever I want to get rid of a few pounds as quickly as possible. With the festive season upon us I wanted to drop a little weight in readiness for the parties, good food and excess alcohol! For the last two weeks I have been using it and eating super healthy and I have lost half a stone which is exactly what I was hoping to achieve. Don't get me wrong I have been working hard to shift the weight too but the green coffee definitely helps it come off quicker.

By Greg Salmon on 14th October 2014

This is good. It reduces my hunger levels and has stopped me snacking at the wrong times. I have lost 8lbs in 3 weeks and have found it simple to do. I would recommend trying this if you have a bit of weight to lose.

By Sarah McPhee on 20th August 2014

These certainly do burn fat and I am proof of this as I have lost more than a stone in a month and my body fat percentage has dramatically reduced. I am also healthy eating and exercising regularly as this is still necessary for any weight loss plan, but the green coffee has speeded things up in every way. I highly recommend them.

By J Mogford on 25th June 2014

I have been taking these for three weeks and so far I am delighted. I have been eating healthily and I have lost 8lbs so far. However I think I actually look and feel like I have lost more! Especially around my middle. Friends and family are all noticing the difference too. All in all I am pleased with the result so far and will be buying more to help me reach my goal.

By Phillipa Potts on 2nd June 2014

I like this green coffee supplement as I am sure it is helping me lose unwanted fat. Since I began taking it my body fat percentage has reduced and I look much better in my clothes. After just three weeks of taking it I am happy with my purchase.

By T Waters on 6th May 2014

Prior to trying this one I had tried another make of green coffee beans but I didn't get on well with those ones as they made me feel very jittery. I thought I would try again with this one and I am happy that I did as I do not suffer with the jittering like before and I have lost a few pounds already.

By Paula on 25th March 2014

This is a great supplement to your diet if like me you are willing to eat sensibly and do some exercise. It is working for me and I am on my fourth pack. If you are looking for a mystical potion to help you lose weight whilst you sit on your backside eating rubbish then I am sorry to tell you it doesn't exist! If you are serious about losing weight and are ready to put in some effort then these are a great supplement to help you.

By A.Russo on 20th February 2014

These green coffee capsules are easy to take - 3 times a day with meals so its not hard to remember when you should take them. I do think you have to follow the advice to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. I have been using them for 5 weeks and have lost 7lbs which I am happy with.

By C.Riddle on 22nd January 2014

I have been taking these green coffee bean supplements for the last four months and I have lost a stone and a half without having to try too hard because of these! They are top quality and I have experienced only good things without any negative side effects.

By Lolly04 on 4th December 2013

I just received these today so haven't lost any weight yet - that truly would be a miracle in less than 24 hours if I had! I am leaving a review because I have received such a great service from the company that I wanted to recommend them to anyone considering ordering anything.

By Coffee Lover on 17th October 2013

I have loads of energy since I started taking these. I am averaging a 3lb a week weight loss too which I am very pleased with. I began taking these after reading lots of hype about the magic of green coffee and whilst I was initially sceptical I had high hopes. They aren't a miracle pill as there is no such thing. You still have to be sensible with your diet but as long as you are I think they are fantastic.

By Mrs Ramsbottom on 21st August 2013

These green coffee bean capsules work by reducing my appetite and I am steadily losing weight that I have been trying to shift for ages. I am ordering more as soon as I have finished typing this review.

By Daisymae on 25th April 2013

I have only been taking these for a day so cannot really comment on how they work or if they work, I will write another review when i have finished the 90 tablets. The delivery was excellent and they arrived within 2 days of ordering and postage was paid. thank you, look forward to loosing weight.

By GCS on 1st March 2013

I have been taking these Green Coffee pills and as I can't exercise I didn't believe they would be of benefit, Can't believe it. I took them alongside Raspberry Ketone and I have lost 1 stone!! Absolutely delighted!

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