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Green Tea Super Strength Extract 12480mg 90 Capsules
Green Tea Super Strength Extract 12480mg 90 Capsules
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Green Tea Super Strength Extract 12480mg 90 Capsules


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Product features: 90 Green Tea Capsules

  • Can assist the body’s ability to burn calories by up to 40% over a 24 hour period
  • May also block the activity of the intestinal enzymes needed to digest dietary fat, so less fat is absorbed
  • Super strength 416mg Green Tea Extract 30:1. Equivalent to 12480mg of whole dry plant
  • Green tea may help to maintain normal appetite control, normal fat digestion, normal metabolism and normal cholesterol levels.

Ingredients per Capsule: Green Tea Extract 30:1 Equivalent to 12480mg of whole dry plant, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Capsule Shell suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans .

Directions: Take three capsules daily with water; Take one capsule before each meal

Do not exceed recommended amount
Not to be taken if pregnant or breastfeeding (lactating)
Not intended for use by persons under 18yrs
Do not take supplements as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet
Consult your GP before taking food supplements if you are taking any other medication
Keep out of the reach of children
Store in a cool, dry place.

Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. For a diagnosis or treatment always consult your own GP.

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Customer Reviews

By Julieanne on 25th July 2016

Well I gave these a go after friends were raving about the results they had achieved with them! Obviously I was sceptical... though id certainly no need to be, 2 weeks in and I was already seeing results! 6 weeks in and I have lost 1 STONE! Amazing!

By Smellycat5 on 18th July 2016

I love these, used them as I was asked to be a bridesmaid and had 4 months to lose 1.5 stone, which I lost in 2 months! They always work well for me so itend to stick with it.

By Saram on 25th April 2016

These worked a treat for me, i have used them several times now and as well as losing weight they boosted my energy levels which is what i needed more than anything as ive been feeling lethargic. you do need to make lifestyle changes to benefit from these - there i no miracle cure. So bare in mind if your not prepared to put the effort in do not bother buying them!

By Hellsbells87 on 25th April 2016

I used Green tea leading up to my wedding and found it worked really well for me, i lost 2 stone in just under 3 months. i stuck to a well balanced diet and did a little exercise every other day. They certainly helped with my hunger pangs which stopped me snacking on rubbish throughout the day. Best of all i had loads of energy, i felt fantastic for the first time in years.

By Suzifloozy on 14th March 2016

Amazing product with Amazing results! This is a great product for speeding up your metabolism and assisting with weight loss / maintenance. It is delivered efficently and I would certainly use this again :)

By A Star on 18th August 2015

I like to take this green tea as it seems to do a good job at curbing my appetite which is great. I find I don't feel the need to snack between meals so I have lost a few pounds.

By Laura Foster on 16th June 2015

I am hoping that taking this will rev up my metabolism as it seems to be slowing down now I have hit my mid thirties. I find it much harder to lose a few pounds like I used to be able to so I feel I need a bit of help. I have always known about the metabolism boosting effects of green tea but wanted to take a supplement rather than have to drink lots of cups of it as I know I will get bored of it. So I am very much hoping that this will help! I like it so far and have had no side effects.

By Emilee on 12th April 2015

I have just ordered this as I love green tea to drink but there are only so many cups of it I can drink each day and I want to get all the antioxidants I can. I like the idea of taking a supplement of it and I like the price of it too so thought I would give it a whirl. I am hoping that I can reap the benefits.

By Cath on 12th February 2015

This is fab at helping me burn more calories each day. I feel it does help me stay on top of my diet and I love that I am giving my body a good dose of antioxidants to hopefully protect my health for the future.

By T.Bishop on 8th December 2014

I love this green tea supplement as since I have been taking it I haven't had so much as a sniffle never mind a proper cold! I have been using it for two years now and wouldn't be without it. I tell everyone I meet about it and recommend it to anyone who picks up colds regularly as a way of protecting your immune system.

By Chloe on 26th November 2014

I am a big fan of this green tea supplement. I love it and it is priced very reasonably. I take it to boost my metabolism and I do think it works for me.

By Westie on 25th September 2014

I take this green tea supplement for my overall general health and wellbeing. I have been using it for many months now and feel it is doing me some good.

By Shirley Lock on 29th July 2014

This green tea supplement is super and gives my metabolism a natural boost so I feel more energetic and burn up calories more efficiently. It has helped me shed 10lbs in weight over the last couple of months.

By Zeus510 on 14th June 2014

I have been using this green tea supplement for a long time now and wouldn't be without it. I think it benefits my health and I feel great, I will be 65 in August so I need to take care of myself and I do feel these help.

By Fruitbat on 19th May 2014

I used to love drinking green tea and thought it helped me keep the pounds off but when I fell pregnant I stopped drinking it as I didn't like the taste of the caffeine free ones. I haven't been able to drink it again since having my baby as I have just totally gone off it! I still wanted the health benefits though which is why I buy these. I think they are just as good as drinking a few cups of it a day, if not better.

By Michael H on 24th April 2014

My order was received quickly and I found the process of placing my order very easy. The product arrived in very nice packaging too. I have yet to begin taking them so I do not know if they are beneficial to my health as yet.

By Dotty on 9th March 2014

I like to take these because they give me a natural boost and wake me up on a morning! I want the benefits of green tea but do not particular like the taste of the drink so these are perfect.

By Giovanni C on 29th January 2014

I think I am on to a winner with this green tea supplement as I am feeling so good since I started taking it one month ago. I have lost 5lbs! Recommend!

By ABEllis72 on 28th October 2013

I lost half in stone in just over 2 weeks whilst taking these green tea extract capsules - I can't imagine I would have seen such results in such a short time if I had been drinking the green tea all day every day! Green tea has proven health benefits too so I feel like I am healthier inside as well as losing a bit of weight.

By Navid S on 10th September 2013

I usually drink green tea for the antioxidants and because I believe it helps my metabolism keep ticking over at a decent pace but recently I have grown bored of drinking it so wanted it in capsule form rather than drinking the tea which is why I purchased these. I have found them to be a good alternative and would recommend highly.

By KirkyH20 on 22nd March 2013

I'm now taking my second lot of these and I must say I am delighted with the results, i have been losing around 3lbs a week. This Green Tea also has great Health Benefits too, I would highly recommend these! I will definitely be buying more of these.

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