5 Recipes to Boost Your Immunity

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As soon as we put the clocks back one hour, my slow cooker came back out from the pantry and has been steadily chugging away on the counter ever since.

I love to come home from work to a great big pan of casserole, filled with my favourite vegetables and a few chunks of meat.

It’s so comforting and actually quite low in fat and calories – it’s what you put with it that can cause the problems!  But did you know that there are specific foods which can help boost your immunity during the winter?

In order to keep your immune system strong, you need to eat a variety of foods which will provide you with an abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients - in particular those rich in vitamin C, beta carotene and zinc. 

Here are 5 recipes to start you off —they all contain at least 15% of the daily value of at least one of those vitamins or minerals and are relatively quick and easy to make.

  1.  Paprika & Red Pepper and Pistachio Soup 
  2. Autumn Chicken Stew
  3. Lemon Chicken Breasts
  4. Kiwi, Watermelon and Lime Juice
  5. Baked Apples

Enjoy being creative in the kitchen and don’t forget to try and eat the rainbow on your plate to get the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals at every meal.