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I promised I would keep you up to date with my running progress so here is the second installment.

I am now on Week 8 of the Couch-to-5K programme and I am so addicted it’s unbelievable. I usually go out on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday but if the weather is really bad I can accommodate, although last Saturday I was all ready to go running when the heavens opened. It didn’t stop all afternoon and I was in such a mood because I really wanted to get out and run.


Week 5         

I have discovered that I am better running on the paths around the village rather than down the lane that I had been previously been taking. The lane is an unadopted track and is very uneven with lots of potholes. When I have finished my run, my ankle and outside of my right lower leg really ache but when I run on the paths it doesn’t.

This week sees a big change in the programme, instead of the same schedule on all 3 days you complete a different run each time. Day 1: Usual warm up followed by 5 minutes running, 3 minute walking repeated twice more. Day 2: Warm up followed by 8 min run, 5 minute walk and 8 minute run. And Day 3: A full 20 minute run without stopping.

Day 1 - I completed with no problems and was really pleased that I had managed to run for 5 minutes. I noticed by breathing is getting a lot better too.

Day 2 was a bit of a shock as I hadn’t looked at the programme before I set off and had expected to do the same 3 x 5 minute runs.

I set off and was well into the first run but kept thinking, this 5 minutes is really long! The beauty was that the rest in between the two runs was also longer than I had expected giving me a good recovery time.

Once I realised that the 3 days were not the same I checked out Day 3 and was shocked to find I had to run for a full 20 minutes. The app says ‘don’t be put off, you have been training for the past 5 weeks for this – you can do it’, so when I set off that was my mantra – I managed 1.55 miles in 20 minutes and was totally elated when I finished. This was a cause for celebration so I went out and bought some new running clothes!


Week 6

I am loving my new running route, I pass quite a lot of other runners, walkers and cyclists whilst out and I now feel like part of a new community, a nod or a smile from fellow runners confirms this.

Day 1 was quite an easy run compared to the 20 minutes I had completed at the end of the previous week. Usual warm up followed by 5 minute run, 3 minute walk, 8 minute run, 3 minute walk and finish with a 5 minute run.

Day 2 was 2 x 10 minute runs separated by a 3 minute walk and Day 3 was a full 22 minute run. When I looked at the programme at the beginning of the week I couldn’t wait to get to Day 3 and complete the 22 minute run. Day 3 finally came and I set off wondering whether I could do it. As I started, the first track that came on my playlist was – ‘I Got a Good Feeling’ by Paul Carrick. This gave me a real boost and I thought, “Yes, I’ve got a good feeling too”. I was really surprised when the announcement came that I had completed my run, I felt like I still had a bit more left inside me and could have continued to run for a few more minutes.

I have also realised that since starting this programme I haven’t had a headache or needed to take any paracetamol. So this running programme must be helping in other ways. I also had a health check at work this week – very basic tests including hearing and diabetes but also checked my lung function. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 21 and have always struggled with the peak flow tests, recording a really low score, I couldn’t believe how much I have improved since starting the running programme. My peak flow scores were the highest I have ever recorded and my lung capacity was normal. My blood pressure was 117/74 – the only thing that needed addressing was my weight!  My BMI is 28 so I need to lose around a stone to a stone and a half.


Week 7

A sneak peak at this week’s programme told me that from now on it’s serious running. This week has usual warm up followed by 25 minutes continuous running each day. The weather has been very warm for the last couple of weeks, so I have had to make sure that I take plenty of water with me when I set off and hydrate well when I get back home. I love the app that I have been using as I can see the progress I am making. My first run this week gave me a pace of 13.31 minutes per mile but on Day 3 I managed 12.59 minutes per mile. I have upgraded the app so that once I have finished the 5k challenge I can continue on to the improver mode and attempt the 10k challenge! I still can’t believe the progress I have made and how addicted I am to running, I can’t wait to get home and get on with it when It’s my day to run.

One thing I have noticed is the day after a run my right knee is a bit ‘clicky’. I do have a problem with my cartilage so I am going to try the glucosamine and chondroitin extreme to see if this will help.

Only two weeks left to go before I complete the programme. How have you progressed? Have you been inspired to start running yet? Let us know your feedback or tips for training on Facebook or Twitter. Maybe we could enter a fun run as a team from Be-Beautiful-Online – who knows, in a couple of years we could be running the London Marathon!!!

Image Credit: ​Jeff Drongowski