Spring Detox Plan - 10 Ways to Cleanse Your Body For Spring

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It’s time for a Spring Clean but it’s important that we also think about our body, mind and soul and not just our cabinets and closets! What can we do in the next few months to make sure we cleanse our body of bad toxins and cleanse our mind of bad thoughts?


1. Water, water everywhere

The first of our detox tips is the simplest and most affordable. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Spring still tends to be cold and rainy so it can be harder to motivate yourself to drink the water that your body needs, but it’s worth it!

For a super water detox, pour yourself some room-temperature water with a slice of lemon or cucumber, depending on which taste you prefer. Lemon is full of health benefits, despite its sometimes unfavourable taste. One great benefit is that it’s a fantastic aid for weight-loss which is great if you want to use Spring to start getting ready for your holiday body early…


2. Going herbal 

Before you start groaning about giving up your coffee - hear us out. We recommend you take a week and give it a try. There are plenty of alternatives to coffee that you can drink instead to wake you up on a morning - most of which are far better for you. Coffee can make you dehydrated which is not going to support your Spring detox.

Instead, why not give herbal tea a go? There are hundreds of herbal teas, each with their own health benefits and that come in so many flavours, it’d be hard not to find one you love. You could try liquorice, peppermint, ginger or traditional green tea - give them all a taste and find your favourite!


3. It’s not easy being green

‘You’ve got to eat your greens’ (as our mothers and grandmothers have been telling us for years!) Leafy greens tend to be much better for you than some other vegetables and for plenty of reasons. They are rich in fibre and often contain plenty of folate, calcium and vitamins - perfect for a detox!

But eating leafy greens with every meal can be hard so an easier solution is to make yourself a nice green smoothie. The best thing about smoothies is that you can be as creative as you want and make your own according to which greens you like and which you don’t.

One of our personal favourites is an eclectic mix of avocado, romaine lettuce, organic spinach, chia seeds and a dash of honey and lemon along with some filtered water. It tastes better than you may be imagining!


4. The P&P Smoothie

One of our favourite smoothies is a nice and fruity one for those of you who have a sweet tooth and need a detox cleanse that has a bit more of a favourable taste to it. The Pomegranate and Pineapple smoothie uses two of our favourite fruits because of their zesty taste and countless benefits. Pomegranate is thought by some to actually contain more anti-oxidants than green tea!

If you add a splash of lemon to it too, you can also help improve your metabolism kicking your weight loss into a higher gear.


5. Quit the alcohol

Whilst a glass of wine can be beneficial now and again, if you’re a regular drinker then you should make an effort to limit yourself this Spring. Completely detox yourself of wine, beer or whatever your drink of choice is. It’s no coincidence that they used to ask you to ‘name your poison’ when you ordered a drink back in the day. When you drink alcohol, you are quite literally pouring toxins into the body and your body will always have to work hard to cope.

However, there can be problems if you try to go ‘cold turkey’ if you’re a heavy drinker. If you feel this is the case, it may be best to consult your local GP if you’re serious about having a full alcohol detox. The best ways to detox alcohol all relate to building a mental support system so make sure you’re family and friends are considered in your plan!


6. Sweat the toxins out 

Whilst there are thousands of different foods, diets, juices, smoothies and supplements to put in your body to detox - sometimes you need to just get sweaty, whether this is by walking, jogging or cycling.

Not only do you detox your body by sweating out harmful toxins and kick-starting your body’s metabolism, but it’s also a great way to start getting into shape for your holidays.

But there is an important thing to remember when exercising on a detox - don’t overdo it. When you’re detoxing, you tend to limit your food intake and this can be hard on your energy levels. Exercising when you are low on energy at any time can be dangerous, so don’t overdo your workout and consult your doctor if ever you feel that your energy levels are not allowing you to exercise comfortably.


7. Don’t press the skip button!

When you’re wanting to detox, or diet in general, it makes sense in your head that skipping meals means that you take in less calories and bingo! Extra weight loss! But this is not true - your body is smart and will compensate for the lack of food by slowing down your metabolism even further. So by skipping meals, you’re actually making your weight loss harder, as well as risking feeling unwell and missing out on the nutrients that you’d be getting from eating a full and balanced diet.

Particularly when it comes to breakfast, you need to make sure that instead of skipping the meal, you simply have a healthier one. It can also be easy to skip lunch because of work commitments or childcare demands and then when it comes to teatime, you might be too tired to make anything healthy. It might be worth compiling a list of quick and healthy recipes and pin it your fridge so that you always have a bank of ideas on standby.


8. Stop and think for a minute 

It can be hard to get some ‘me time’ when you have a busy modern lifestyle but you should prioritise time for your wellbeing as you would any other important part of your life. Put some time aside to really sit and think. Meditate regularly or even just lay down and watch / listen to your breathing.

If you haven’t done this sort of thing before, you’ll probably feel a little odd or wonder if you’re doing it right but stick with it. The healing powers of your own mind should not be underestimated!


9. Counting sheep 

We all deprive ourselves of sleep from time to time and it’s so easily done. Early starts at work, busy evenings or even just being a parent can do a good sleep routine a lot of damage and this will begin to show in your body. Not only will you generally be tired so will your body - it will find it harder to process your food and your metabolism rate tends to drop. This also makes it harder for your insides to get rid of those toxins you need to expel - so sleep is important in any detox!


10. Flush it all out 

Whilst detoxing has been marketed as a very healthy and very easy thing to do, sometimes it isn’t pretty. This is especially true for our final detox strategy - sea salt water. Dissolve two teaspoons of sea salt in a litre of warm water. When you wake up, drink it all before eating and wait for your body to ‘flush’ all of your toxins out. Again, if in any doubt about whether this might be appropriate for you, we always recommend consulting your doctor, as for any other significant change to your diet.


Happy Detoxing!

Detoxing at Spring time can be very beneficial as you can get your body ready for Summer in plenty of time for that holiday that will come around faster than you think. We also have a range of detox supplements to help you in your detox journey so don’t forget to check that out - our Detox Colon Cleanse is very popular!


Our bodies are all different in the way they respond to significant changes in diet or lifestyle so you should always be careful when considering any kind of detox. Consult your doctor before undertaking any kind of detox.

Image Credits: Dominik Martin, David Di Veroli, Jonas Nilsson Lee