Your Passport to Summer Success

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So, how many of you have suddenly realised that your summer holiday is just around the corner? Mine is just 12 weeks away, which means at a push I could be one stone lighter by the time I leave, but how can I equipment myself with all that I need for the weight loss journey ahead? Perhaps you can look at your weight loss journey in the same way as your holiday journey...


Choosing your destination

In the same way that you spend time deciding where you want to go on your holiday, you should take your time to decide which diet journey you wish to take. You look at places you have already visited, what you would like to experience while you are on your journey, the things you like and what’s more important, the things you dislike. 
The same logic can be applied when you are choosing your diet diet journey. Think about diets you have  tried in the past, which ones worked and which ones didn’t. Look at what will work for you; there is no point in choosing a diet which means you have to prepare all of your meals from scratch if you are limited in the amount of preparation and cooking time you have. Don’t choose a diet that consists of milkshakes for breakfast and lunch if you know you have a lot of business lunches to attend - your journey will fail if there are too many obstacles in the way.

Renewing your passport

What do you need when you renew your passport (apart from a lot of patience, it is a tedious process!)? You need photographs, identification, a signature and someone to vouch for who you are. 
The same things can help us on our weight loss journey. Some people think a photo of how we look now will help steer us away from falling off the wagon; others feel that a ‘fat’ photo can cause us to feel negative about ourselves and this can lead to depression in turn this, over- indulging, even secret eating. 
It may work better for you if you have a photo of how you would like to look, something to aspire to; maybe a photo of how you looked when you got married, or simply a photo you have that reminds you of a good time, when you felt at your most confident.   
You don’t need identity documents to help you on your weight-loss journey but your birth certificate is also a statement which indicates that you’re here, you’ve been born - you could begin your weight loss journey by being reborn, give yourself a fresh start, a second chance (or third or fourth!) Think of it as a new beginning. 
Next, you have to sign your passport form to show that you declare that everything you have written is true, so why not sign up for this journey too? Sign to say you will do your best to succeed. 
And finally, you ask someone else to vouch for who you are, to support your application - why not find a friend to support you on your weight loss journey? Maybe you have a friend who will even take the journey with you? It has been proven that spending time with other like-minded friends or family members significantly improves the chances of success.

Packing your suitcase

One of the nicest parts of our holiday is buying new clothes and goodies to take on holiday. For our weightloss journey we can also buy lots of new things to help us on our way. Try new foods; fill the fruit bowl with a rainbow of colourful fruit, pack the fridge with tasty low calorie salad vegetables and visit your local fishmonger - fish is a great source of Omega 3 and is low in calories and fat.

Ready for take off

Once you have everything you need for your journey and the big day arrives, it’s time for take off. Make sure you have everything you need to keep you entertained on your flight and help you on your journey. I like to carry a note pad to jot down everything I’ve eaten during the day. It helps to remind me exactly what I’ve consumed and therefore what room I have left - it also ensures I don’t forget what I’ve eaten - purposefully or accidentally.  
So make yourself comfortable for this journey - it could be a short journey or a long haul but if you equip yourself well for the journey ahead you have a much better chance of enjoying the destination when you arrive.