Free Diet and Healthy Eating Plans

Diet and Healthy Eating Plans

Be Beautiful are proud to offer our healthy eating and diet plans, absolutely free of charge. Our range of plans include recipes, advice, practical information and much more. Our plans include:

  • Food Tracker
  • Healthy Eating Information
  • Healthy Eating Plan
  • Nutrition & Body Toning Information
  • Nutrition & Sports Performance Information
  • Information and Eating Plans for Vegetarians & Vegans

Check our sneak preview from our Healthy Eating Information:

To lose weight the body needs to burn more calories than it consumes in a day. Scientists have calculated that to lose a steady 1lb per week you need to consume 500 calories less every day than your total calorie output. Therefore a woman wishing to lose weight should reduce her calorie intake to around 1500 calories per day. If you have a large amount of weight to lose or undertake a physically active job you may need to increase your calorie intake to avoid losing weight too quickly. Fast weight loss can result in loss of muscle rather than fat. If you have any medical conditions or are concerned about your health you should contact your GP before starting any weight loss plan. Very low calorie diets, consumption of less than 1000 calories per day, have been proven to be ineffective when used in the long term. This type of diet is often too low in nutrients and can lead to cardiovascular problems as well as a reduction in skeletal bone density.

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